5 Possible Origins of HIV or AIDS

5 possible origins of HIV or AIDS

The origin of HIV or AIDS remains as an unresolved mystery and is a controversial topic among the science community. Each of the possible theories of HIV origin has its own supportive facts and contrary either. Therefore, we have summarized the 5 possible origins of HIV to you, and henceforth, we wish to empower the awareness of HIV. Continue reading

Top 35 The Most Shocking Human X-ray Pictures

Most Shocking X-ray Pictures

As we all know, human X-ray picture is produced by shooting X-ray particle through the body and then the image created would be recorded by a X-ray film or computer. Admittedly, nothing so interesting about this universally acknowledged fact indeed. However, the 35 X-ray pictures attached below probably is the one which you don’t want to miss ever. Have a peek! Continue reading

Simplified Timeline of 911 Terrorist Attacks

timeline of 911 terrorist attack

Below is the timeline for 9/11 terrorist attacks from 5.45a.m to 8.30p.m. On top of that, 9/11 of 2001 was a darkest and shocking day that can never be forgotten not only by the American but the whole world. Nearly 3000 of people are sacrificed under the series of terrorist attacks and suicide bombing. Nevertheless, the post-war effect is even more terrifying; Billion US dollars have been spent on the war against Al-Qaeda causing countless casualties and not to mention the  adverse effect to the  global economy which took few years to recover.

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The Revolutionary History and Specification of Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Boeing aircraft history

Airplane has at least 100 years of history, and yet it has become a major transport of current day. In other words, the invention of airplane brings innovation to human being’s life. In fact, airplane does more than a transport; It built bridges between different races, and cultures are getting less-classified.

Behind the history, Boeing is one of the largest airplane manufacture companies since World War 1. It can be claimed that, there is no international airport without the presence of Boeing aircraft. Hence, we are glad to dedicate the list of the 9 well-known Boeing commercial airplanes and briefly describe the relevant history and specification. Continue reading

6 Simple Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Falling in Love

How to make the girl I like to fall in love with me? We’d whisper the exact question to ourselves at some moments of our life. Sometimes, we are in the midst of fog and uncertain of what should we do next to grab her attention?

It’s true that love is an intricate algorithm that cannot be formulated nor calculated. However, we do able to simplify it by knowing some of the dos and do not. The below guidelines would definitely help you in your journey of love and hopefully will help you to gain her heart too.

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The Facts and Co-founders of Facebook

Facebook Inc

Facebook’s statistics has shown more than 500 million active users and 50% of the active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Nonetheless, the figure is increasing drastically, and more people have signed up for new member.

The infographic below visually expresses to you what’s happening inside the Facebook.inc and what’re the other co-founders doing right now? Enjoy!
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The 7 Most Awesome Underwater Worlds

7 most awesome underwater world

Underwater world is the home of serenity and mystery. No matter how deep the human being can explore the underwater world, the mystery would stay forever. This is why many people keep on scouring for new diving spot and so addicted of this activity.

CEDAM International, an international diving association, decided to write up their own list describing what they thought were the most spectacular underwater sites in the world. Here we go, the 7 most awesome underwater world.. Continue reading

Top 26 World’s No.1 of China’s achievements

World No.1 of China

The following post showcases the top 26 World’s No.1 of China’s achievements. China has nearly 4,000 years of continuous history and has about 1.3billion people in the country. It’s not surprise that the Chinese has done many remarkable achievements and outstands from the world’s crowd.

The list below is not exhaustive nor prescriptive, and you’re welcomed to remind us about your World’s No.1 of China at the comment section. Continue reading