Pharaoh’s Curse

Pharaoh CurseCurse of the Pharaoh. Does it really exist?

This is a very short note on a vast subject of pyramids during all times of human history. However, I would like to quote this topic to SPARK YOUR MIND today.

According to Wikipedia, the curse of the pharaohs refers to the belief that any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh is placed under a curse.

At first, people found several curse inscriptions on Tutankhamun tomb. There is a statement, ‘Whoever disturbed the pharaoh’s sleep, the God of Death will come with open wings on his head.’ ‘Whoever enter  the grave with impure heart, I will strangle his head as how I strangle a bird’s neck.’

Egypt History Tutankhamen's tomb

Tutankhamen's tomb


The Power of the Curse.

The belief in a curse was brought to many people’s attention due to the deaths of the members of the team of Howard Carter, who opened the tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62) in 1922.

During the first night after Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, his favorite canary had been killed by a Cobra. His servant grabbed Cater by the sleeve with the eyes of fear and warned Cater. “The pharaoh’s serpent ate the bird because it led us to the hidden tomb! You must not disturb the tomb!” Needless to say,  Cater ignored the message !!

Pharaoh Serpent killer

Lord Carnarvon, one of the team members of Howard Carter team,  died on his age of 57. The exact cause of death was  unknown, but it seemed to be from an infection started by an insect bite( A mosquito bite). Legend has it that when he died there was a short power failure and on his estate back in England his favorite dog howled and dropped dead. Even more strange, when the mummy of Tutankhamun was unwrapped in 1925, it was found to have a wound on the left cheek in the same exact position as the insect bite on Carnarvon that lead to his death.

Curse of the Pharaoh

France had invited Egypt to ship the treasures of the tomb of Tutankhamun to Paris for exhibition and the government of France had made an agreement. However, the person responsible  of cultural relic suddenly made a dream at a night: if he approves these artifacts out of Egypt, he would have encountered an unexpected disaster. So he told to the higher authorities to discourage,  but failed and was forced to sign the approval. Two days after, he was found dead after being struck by a car.

Curse or Sciences?

Lethal Virus.

Egypt pyramid virus

Egypt virus


One of the hypotheses saying that ancient Egyptians may use VIRUS to protect the tomb. In 1963, professor of medicine Cairo University Gamal Serour, proved that most of the archaeologists that had accessed to the tomb were infected by some sort of virus, causing pneumonia and died.

In 1983, according to a French woman doctor research, the deceased is basically the same symptoms- pneumonia, suffocation. She explained,  in addition to all the buried treasures, crafts, clothes,  the tomb had been filled by a variety of fruits,  vegetables and food either. After thousands years of decay, those foods had finally transformed into microscopic fungi and adhered inside the tomb.  Regardless whoever you are,  as long as you inhale this kind of mold, the final consequence would be only one way –DEATH .

Tomb of the Pharaoh

Unique Pyramid Construction

Egypt PyramidSome of the scientists believe that the source of Pharaoh’s curse is from the pyramid itself. The design of the pyramid is able to gather a particular electromagnetic field or energy waves within the pyramid. Therefore, this kind of electromagnetic field would somehow affect a human body and possible to bring fatality. Even so, the question is,  even with the current technology is impossible to build such a sophisticated structure,  how would the 3000 years old ancient Egyptians did this?

Pyramid is the Alien’s Nuclear Waste Storage ?

Egypt Pyramid Alien

United States, ‘Medical Digest’ has published an investigation report:  Out of 100 British tourist who visited the pyramid,  40% of them died of cancer after 10 years. Recently,  the Chemistry professor of Miami University David Bailey has made a pyramid research that detected minor radiation recession inside the pyramid. Needless to say,  this could be the cause of the British tourist’s cancer. In addition , the research couldn’t find  any trace of radiation outside the pyramid and in relation to all the observation,  David made his inference:  Pyramid is the Alien nuclear waste storage!!

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. Undeniably, the Egyptian pyramids have fascinated us for thousands of years, and yet the mysterious continue to soar

Well, the curse or science? Answer is always in your hand.

Pharaoh KingKings Tut image

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